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From page 755 of the 1854 Gazetteer of the United States ........
MURRAY - a county in the N.N.W. part of Georgia, bordering on Tennessee, has an area of 600 square miles. The Coosawattee river forms part of the southern boundary, the Connasauga traverses the county from N. to S., and unites with the other on the border, to form the Oostenaula; it is also drained by Holly, Sumach, Rocky, and Mill creeks. The surface is elevated, and in some parts mountainous: the Cohuttah and Chattoogata mountains are remarkable for their grand and picturesque scenery. The soil is generally fertile. Indian corn, wheat, oats, potatoes, and cotton are the staples. In 1850 the county produced 518,745 bushels of corn; 56,588 of oats; 67,391 of sweet potatoes, and 159 bales of cotton. There were 10 saw mills, and 9 tanneries. It contained 27 churches, 1 newspaper office, and 400 pupils attending public schools. Gold, silver, lead, zinc, and hydraulic limestone are found in the county. Since the Western and Atlantic railroad was opened the population has increased rapidly. Organized in 1832, and named in honor of Thomas W. Murray, a former member of the Georgia legislature, and speaker of the house. Capital, Spring Place. Population, 14,433, of whom 12,503 were free, and 1930, slaves.
{Baldwin, Thomas and J. Thomas, M.D. New and Complete Gazetteer of the United States. Philadelphia, PA: Lippincott, Grambo, & Co., 1854}

According to the US Census Bureau statistics, the 2010 Census showed a population count for Murray County of 39,628 people.

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