"D" Marriages By Bride

Sarah Jane Davis {3}12 Sep 1875James Franklin Gilbert
Elizabeth Dean {1}25 Aug 1851Henry Wilson
Susan Dean19 Apr 1868Joseph Moreland
Lillie Dillbeck17 Apr 1887James M. Moreland
Willie E. Dixon {4}03 November 1897Randolph Borders
Martha A. Drake {2}31 May 1836John Oates
Lizzie Dunn01 Sep 1895W. M. Johnston
Susan Dunn12 Dec 1877T. J. Stepp
Evie Durham06 Apr 1904Ed Moreland

"D" Marriages By Groom

Walker L. Davis {4} 25 Dec 1877Elizabeth Johnson
James A. Dickson {4} 15 Jan 1882Fannie Anderson
James A. Dickson {4} 07 Oct 1894Annie Curd
E. A. Dixon {4} 14 Apr 1907Martha Early
W. E. Dixon {4} 04 Sep 1904Margaret JOnes

{1} Submitted by Louise Callahan Denston.
{2} Submitted by Jane Fieldcamp.
{3} Submitted by Joan Gilbert.
{4} Submitted by Ellie Naylor.

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