"H" Marriages By Bride

Eliza A. Harris {9}26 Mar 1861John A. Glass
Maggie Harris26 Mar 1904Tram Price
Elizabeth Headrick {4}19 Oct 1851Winfrey Jake Green
Rosetta Helton08 Sep 1887Kinney Johnson
Elizabeth Henderson14 Dec 1879William H. Roberts
Jane Henderson11 Mar 1866Lewis A. McMahan
Jannie Henderson16 Feb 1896Adolphus Riggins
Mary Henderson09 Sep 1851Jacob Belew
Mary Elizabeth McCune Henderson {2}18 Dec 1868Thomas Hamilton Black
Mary J. Henderson22 Apr 1875G. W. Adair
Pauline Henderson {3}11 Jun 1946Dottry George Brewer
Sarah Henderson12 Oct 1904C. H. Putnam
Susan Henderson15 Feb 1896James Thomas Timms
Mary Adeline Henry {7}18 Jun 1865John Wesley Lowry
Mary Henson15 Apr 1900Mat Moreland
Sara A. Hickey18 Apr 1849Wiley Crow
Sarah Elizabeth Holland {6}22 Aug 1870George W. Cain
Lelia Howell {1}06 Mar 1870John Evans
Mariah Howell {1}13 Dec 1857F. Lorenzo Callahan
Laura J. Humphrey12 Jan 1854James Johnson
Laura P. Humphreys {9}07 Dec 1893S. H. Fincher

"H" Marriages By Groom

Isaac Hall {5}02 Sep 1885Cynthia Cleveland
C. T. Hammontree25 Oct 1899Fannie Brewer
J. H. Hammontree05 Jun 1882M. C. Ingle
Matt Harris15 Aug 1899Fannie Moreland
Coleman C. Harwell11 Apr 1850Mary E. Moody
Charles W. Head28 Apr 1850Winny Grigsby
Jeremiah Head {8}29 Nov 1855Susan Elizabeth Green
John David Henderson {2}24 Oct 1850Mary Elizabeth McCune
John Henry Steed Henderson {2}10 Aug 1940Alice P. Franklin
Leroy Hodge07 Sep 1847Aley Moreland
Sam Holder15 Oct 1854Lucretia Moreland
Joseph A. Holland {6}07 Nov 1866Margaret Jane Plemmons

{1} Submitted by Louise Callahan Denston.
{2} Submitted by Charles H. Henderson.
{3} Submitted by Paula Brewer Franklin.
{4} Submitted by Lynda Ellis Gibbs.
{5} Submitted by Jean Hiett.
{6} Submitted by Homer Cain.
{7} Submitted by Jan Kisselburg.
{8} Submitted by Free Burd.
{9} Submitted by Ellie Naylor.

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