"J" Marriages By Bride

Elizabeth Johnson {3}25 Dec 1877Walker L. Davis
Mae Johnson {3}07 Feb 1897George A. Kelley
T. A. Johnson {3}15 May 1866Edmund Borders
Margaret Jones {3}04 Sep 1904W. E. Dixon

"J" Marriages By Groom

Jesse James14 Feb 1848Nancy Land
Samuel A. James15 Dec 1867Mary E. Mobley
Isaac D. Jenkins {2}27 Aug 1883Josephine Smith
Evan D. Johnson {1}05 Apr 1860Mary Emaline Gilbert
Hardy P. Johnson {1}08 Apr 1852Martha Jane Tucker
J. A. Johnson08 Mar 1885Mary Reed
J. B. Johnson28 Jul 1876Frances White
J. E. Johnson02 Jan 1900Mary Edmondson
James Johnson12 Jan 1854Laura J. Humphrey
James M. Johnson26 May 1859Priscilla A. Nix
James M. Johnson02 Aug 1868Martha Leatherwood
John Johnson27 Jan 1856Mary Young
John Johnson07 Jan 1873A. E. Wilson
John Johnson25 Dec 1887Mary Jane Tankesley
Kinney Johnson08 Sep 1887Rosetta Helton
O. R. Johnson29 Aug 1869Eliza Black
William J. Johnson, Jr. {3}14 Dec 1869Frances McGhee
W. M. Johnston01 Sep 1895Lizzie Dunn
William C. Johnston10 Oct 1869Mary Crowson

{1} Submitted by J. C. Johnson.
{2} Submitted by Paulette Hughes.
{3} Submitted by Ellie Naylor.

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