"M" Marriages By Bride

Jane May {3}02 Jun 1850Leonard Nelson Tinsley
Mary E. Mobley15 Dec 1867Samuel A. James
Nancy Montgomery {1}29 Sep 1878William B. Callahan
Mary E. Moody11 Apr 1850Coleman C. Harwell
Aley Moreland07 Sep 1847Leroy Hodge
Amandy Moreland25 Apr 1857S. C. W. Stovall
Eliza Moreland13 Aug 1866George C. Terry
Fannie Moreland15 Aug 1899Matt Harris
Florence Moreland25 Oct 1891James Collis
Hannah E. Moreland {2}01 Aug 1850William Cleveland
Lucretia Moreland15 Oct 1854Sam Holder
M. C. Moreland17 Jul 1899John E. Vest
Malissa Jane Moreland20 Jul 1893C. R. Lance
Minerva Moreland27 Jul 1856John Banks
Sally Moreland28 Aug 1892Archey Wise
Sarah Moreland15 Aug 1897James N. Stanford

"M" Marriages By Groom

William Henry Mathis {4}02 Mar 1873Nancy Manerva McEntire
Ed Moreland06 Apr 1904Evie Durham
George Moreland27 Apr 1897Hester Price
George Moreland22 Sep 1889Savannah Nations
H. W. Moreland16 Jul 1897June Clements
James M. Moreland17 Apr 1887Lillie Dillbeck
James M. Moreland21 Sep 1890Victoria Poindexter
John Moreland18 Oct 1866Sarah J. McDonald
Joseph Moreland19 Apr 1868Susan Dean
Marion Moreland09 Nov 1871Sarah Campbell
Mat Moreland15 Apr 1900Mary Henson
Thad Moreland23 Feb 1899Georgia Teasley
Z. N. Moreland03 Mar 1873Lou Popham
Samuel F. Murphy05 Nov 1850Dicey M. Crow

{1} Submitted by Louise Callahan Denston.
{2} Submitted by Jean Hiett.
{3} Submitted by Leona Tinsley Shields.
{4} Submitted by Janice Newman.

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