"P" Marriages By Bride

Hannah Patterson {4}05 Nov 1843Isaac Giddens
Margaret Jane Plemmons {3}07 Nov 1866Joseph A. Holland
Nancy Jane Plemmons {3}28 Dec 1859Joseph Harland Cain
Annie O. Plemons {2}01 Jul 1880Robert M. Leamon
Victoria Poindexter21 Sep 1890James M. Moreland
Lou Popham03 Mar 1873Z. N. Moreland
Alice Price23 Dec 1880M. W. Rogers
Fannie Price19 Aug 1894L. H. Quarles
Hester Price27 Apr 1897George Moreland
Julia Price25 Dec 1873Taylor Edwards
Malinda L. Price23 Aug 1878James L. George

"P" Marriages By Groom

David M. Patty16 Aug 1888Martha A. R. Underwood
William E. Plemmons {3}11 Oct 1859Margaret Jane Cain
Alfred B. Plummer20 Aug 1848Fetna Angela Crow
Charley Price31 Dec 1901Nancy Bramblett
James E. Price {1}07 Feb 1875Nancy E. Edwards
James M. Price17 Sep 1851Mary Burch
Joseph A. Price13 Apr 1879Susan E. Smith
Noah Price29 Dec 1895Lizzie Cannon
Tram Price26 Mar 1904Maggie Harris
W. E. Prichard25 Feb 1880Annie Bridges
C. H. Putnam12 Oct 1904Sarah Henderson

{1} Submitted by Charles H. Henderson.
{2} Submitted by Bessie.
{3} Submitted by Homer Cain.
{4} Submitted by Gerrie Giddens.

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