"S" Marriages By Bride

Nelle Harriet Sarvis {3}30 Sep 1914Benjamin Talmage Watkins
Ellen Shelton {2}11 Mar 1880John Frank Cain
Martha Ann Shelton {1}25 Oct 1868Stephen Goodson Carter
Eliza Shields10 Sep 1884William R. Black
Rebecca Shields14 Jan 1855John N. Oliver
Josephine Smith {4}27 Aug 1883Isaac D. Jenkins
Susan E. Smith13 Apr 1879Joseph A. Price
Harriet E. Stepp10 Dec 1871Perry Corbin
Mahala Stepp16 Apr 1884Thomas M. Bramblett

"S" Marriages By Groom

Samuel Jackson Sorrells {5}19 Nov 1840Matilda Watson
Edward Scott16 Jun 1851Malinda Carroll
James N. Stanford15 Aug 1897Sarah Moreland
King Stepp27 Nov 1867Mahala Williamson
T. J. Stepp12 Dec 1877Susan Dunn
S. C. W. Stovall25 Apr 1857Amandy Moreland

{1} Submitted by Tom P. Carter.
{2} Submitted by Homer Cain.
{3} Submitted by Connie Ganz.
{4} Submitted by Paulette Hughes.
{5} Submitted by Ron & Glenda Sorrells.

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