"C" Marriages By Bride

Margaret Jane Cain {5}11 Oct 1859William E. Plemmons
Sarah Elizabeth Cain {5}27 Mar 1879Felix Joseph Vining
Malinda Howell Callahan {1}11 Apr 1880John Evans
Sarah Campbell09 Nov 1871Marion Moreland
Lizzie Cannon29 Dec 1895Noah Price
Catherine Carlton08 Feb 1848Thomas Ennis Brewer
Malinda Carroll16 Jun 1851Edward Scott
Rosa Carroll23 Aug 1907Harlen Russell
Elizabeth Carter21 Aug 1851James Bridges
Mary Caylor04 Feb 1886J. M. Underwood
Cynthia Adeline Chandler {4}04 Feb 1845William Hubbard Bailey
Bessie Chapman07 Dec 1905Frank E. Youngblood
June Clements16 Jul 1897H. W. Moreland
Comfort M Cleveland {2}12 Nov 1888Elisha Burch
Cynthia Cleveland {2}02 Sep 1885Isaac Hall
Hannah E. Coker17 Dec 1851John A. Redwine
Minna Elizabeth Compton21 Dec 1873George W. Nicholson
Gloria Lynn Creel {8}12 Jun 1971Richard Lynn Rogers
Dicey M. Crow05 Nov 1850Samuel F. Murphy
Fetna Angela Crow20 Aug 1848Alfred B. Plummer
Hannah Crow03 Feb 1849Griffin A. McAlister
Sarah Jane Crow05 Mar 1849John Rutherford
Mary Crowson10 Oct 1869William C. Johnston
Annie Curd {7}07 Oct 1894James A. Dickson

"C" Marriages By Groom

Bede Caloma Cain {5}04 Jan 1874Lydia Sophfia Thompson
George W. Cain {5}22 Aug 1870Sarah Elizabeth Holland
James Henry Cain {5}31 Jul 1884Lou Ann Baber
John Frank Cain {5}11 Mar 1880Ellen Shelton
John Robert Cain {5}19 Jan 1874Luna Mississippi Brown
Joseph Harland Cain {5}28 Dec 1859Nancy Jane Plemmons
Richard Delona Cain {5}02 Aug 1874Frances Ellen Tarver
F. Lorenzo Callahan {1}13 Dec 1857Mariah Howell
William B. Callahan {1}29 Sep 1878Nancy Montgomery
Stephen Goodson Carter {3}25 Oct 1868Martha Ann Shelton
Daniel Joseph Chambers {6}29 Jan 1941Virginia Kisselburg
William Cleveland {2}01 Aug 1850Hannah E. Moreland
John M. Cline13 Sep 1903Mary A. Youngblood
Leonard T. Coker {1}15 Mar 1849Charlotte Wilson
James Collis25 Oct 1891Julia Price
Perry Corbin10 Dec 1871Harriet E. Stepp
James Ulyss Creel {8}01 May 1944Jennie Lee Noland
John C. Crow11 Oct 1849Mary Malinda McAlister
Stephen Crow23 Jan 1841Tempy Ann Boyd
Wiley Crow18 Apr 1849Sara A. Hickey
Jacob P. Crowson22 Aug 1867Harriet Walker

{1} Submitted by Louise Callahan Denston.
{2} Submitted by Jean Hiett.
{3} Submitted by Tom P. Carter.
{4} Submitted by Pamela York.
{5} Submitted by Homer Cain.
{6} Submitted by Jan Kisselburg.
{7} Submitted by Ellie Naylor.
{8} Submitted by Gloria Rogers.

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